Get a Coworking Space, Utilise it to the Fullest.

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It’s no news that companies big or small prefer shared spaces over the traditional office spaces. Reasons for this are not out of budgetary constraints but the many advantages a shared workspace provides.

Besides being flexible and budget-friendly, coworking spaces have many advantages. Basic amenities like Wi-Fi, printer, scanner, meeting rooms, furniture, security, and other infrastructural needs are provided by coworking spaces at affordable prices. With the above in mind, here are ways to optimize your membership at a coworking space as a startup or solopreneur:

Know the Membership Plan Available:

Coworking space offers flexible office plans. You can pick a plan that suits your need for flexibility, privacy, space optics, number of employees and office hours needed. At Venia Business Hub, there are various plans such as a hot desk, dedicated desk, private office, and virtual office.

Network and Build Relationships with other Professionals:

The most prominent reason why startups and small teams opt for coworking spaces is mostly for professional network-building opportunities. Coworking spaces offer opportunities to network and build professional relations due to numerous community events and programs organized by the Community Managers. It is always good to be seen and out there, not only does it help recognition, but it also allows for a fluid conversation when you need help for a business development opportunity. These opportunities are not only great for startups, even established brands might find the events insightful and can pick up potential partners for business.

Be on the lookout for expansion opportunities:

Coworking spaces these days accommodate not only corporate industry giants who decide to use the space as an annex for their creative teams, but they also house established SMEs, high growth startups, freelancers and solopreneurs. No doubt, coworking spaces are a hot place for business leads. Knowing about the different brands that are operating from a coworking space might open up more opportunities for you as a start-up or solopreneur to work with established brands and monetize your value.

Allows for Flexibility:

Coworking space provides flexibility as you can pick up a plan that is best for you. As a startup, flexibility is key as you almost work round the clock to be agile in churning out product iterations. Some coworking spaces are open for 24 hours a day and others have flexible working hours arrangements.

Optimize the Amenities Available to increase productivity: Once you sign up at a coworking space, not only do you have access to use the space but also the many amenities and pre-negotiated packages from 3rd Parties. These amenities include using meeting rooms, board rooms, cafeteria, fitness amenities or packages, free coffees, and some technological benefits to include Wi-Fi access, printers, and scanners. Some spaces like Venia business Hub also partner with business enablers to provide discounted rates and special customized offers for business services and lifestyle businesses for their members. These packages allow members to get access to core business services like Accounting, HR, Digital Marketing, Cloud Services, Insurance, Graphics Design and Branding, Web hosting, Legal services, and much more, from certified service providers at affordable rates. Be sure to explore these services and opportunities.
Coworking spaces offer tremendous value for the money charged, you need to maximize all the benefits there is in using a coworking space. As you seek business growth; network with the people around, gain knowledge, benefit from the expertise of your co-members. You will be around a team of young enthusiastic entrepreneurs and specialists, there will be competitors, and influential people and critics who will help you develop and progress in the ways you might have not thought of.

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