Our partners are housed under Venia Community Solutions (VCS), a brand-new package that provides discounted rates and special customized offers for business services you need and lifestyle perks you desire. With VCS, you get access to core business services like Accounting, HR, Digital Marketing, Cloud Services, Insurance, Graphics Design and Branding, Web hosting, Legal services, and much more, from certified service providers at affordable rates. Venia Community Solutions is exclusive to Venia Hub members and is the first of its kind. It eases the process of finding, evaluating, and purchasing the various services that your business needs, with other great incentives and discounts for the Venia community. It also enables you to review and provide feedback on services received in order to ensure quality standards are maintained.

Our first set of service providers include Accounting Hub (Accounting & book keeping services); DIYLaw (Legal services); 4th Canvas (Graphics and Branding); and DreamWorld Africana (Amusement park/recreation).