Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay upfront?

Yes, you can

What am I entitled to as a Venia member?

A private office or a desk (depending on package chosen), internet connection, access to boardroom and meeting room, constant power supply, parking space for you and your employees, office support: I.T, printing, scanning, cleaning and so much more

Can I receive visitors?

Yes, you can receive visitors in the lounge, your office or the meeting room.

When did Venia Business start operation?


Do you have parking space?

Yes, we have ample parking spots for you and your team.

Is the internet service unlimited?


Are the Boardrooms free?

You are allocated particular hours every month. If you exceed your allocated hours, you will have to pay to use it.

What are your standard hours of operation?

7am till 8pm

Do you open on weekends?

This is subject to request.

Do you receive mails for clients?


How long do companies stay at your space?

As long as they want.

What is your minimum payment plan?

Quarterly (3months)

How do we get food?

We have provided a caterer who makes delicious and affordable meals.

How much does a virtual office cost?

Our virtual offices start from N48 000 for 6 months depending on the services you want. Visit this page for more information.


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